Hiking and Biking are two of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors.  If you want to roll in our area, here are two groups you need to know about!

1. Fredericksburg Cyclists work hard at having fun!  They offer events and activities ‘geared’ to all level of bicycling enthusiasts.

To find out about upcoming cycling opportunities, click on the image below!

Fredericksburg Cyclists Club

2. FATMUG offers the off-road cycling enthusiast the answer to”Where can I ride?”   Off-road means fewer cars but more excitement over challenging terrain!

To learn more about where and how to take the ‘kick’ out of your kick-stand and put it into your ride, click on the image below!

Link for SGI3. If you want to ride your bike on area trails, then the Fredericksburg Area Mountain Bike Enthusiasts (FAMBE) want YOU!  Click the image for more information.

                                              FAMBE Team Ford 2013

     FAMBE promotes fun, skill development and mapping to help      biking and in particular mountain biking, in our community.

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