It takes a village to build a greenway.

We need your smarts. SGI is a volunteer- based organization. From outreach to fundraising to volunteer recruitment to technical skills, we depend on Spotsylvania County Residents. Please contact us if you have experience or interest in one of these areas, if you have ideas to share with us or you would just like to volunteer your time.

We need your strength. Spotsylvania County has the greenspace, but now we have to make it available to our citizens. The first step is to create a demonstration trail by spring 2010. It will take many hands to build this first path as well as future paths that will preserve and connect natural and culturally significant areas in the county.

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please fill out this volunteer application form:


Of course you may also contact SGI via US Mail by sending your correspondence or donation to Spotsylvania Greenways Initiative at P.O. Box 502, Spotsylvania, VA 22553.

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  1. Becky Di Stefano says:

    I am interested in helping to build some of the trails and paths around Spotyslvania County.

  2. walter personius sr says:

    Dear volunteer coordinator, please send info on volunteer activities.

    • bobhagan says:

      Thanks for your interest. We have two upcoming events which support biking events. One is on Sept. 7th (Sat.) and is the “Lakes and Grapes” event at the Ron Rosner YMCA in Spotsylvania. The other date and event location will be provided to us shortly, but is likely on the last weekend in September. As part of the event on the 7th, we simply help explain to people where the food is when they stop at the end of their ride, how to pick up wine that they ordered at Lake Anna, etc. It is not ‘heavy lifting’ and is fun as you talk to people about their ride.
      This year the YMCA will actually give out the rider’s numbers and serve them when they return in their gym (that means ‘inside and air conditioned!’)

      We start at 7:00 am on Saturday the 7th and will help Y staff through about 5 pm, and we are looking for people to
      volunteer for four hours:
      7:00 am to 11:00 am (helping people to get their numbers, a map of the ride, etc.)
      1:00 to 5:00 pm (helping to welcome people back, explain about food options, where showers are, etc.)

      ALL of the information that you will need to help the riders will be explained when you arrive. Just let us know if you can
      participate. You can email me at bobhagan@cox.net
      Many thanks. I look forward to working with you whenever you can be available!

  3. walter personius sr says:

    Dear volunteer coordinator, please send volunteer information.

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